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So, you have decided to setting up your own online store. You are already thinking about the logo, packaging, marketing, categories, etc. until the time comes when you should upload your product photos to the web. How do you do it? What is the best way? Well, it’s simple. All you need is a professional fashion product photographer, that’s all. Trends may be variable in the market, but e-commerce experts agree without hesitation: no product photo, no sales.

What you can do with what you already know?

You already have a general idea of ​​how to take photographs of your products. So you only have to adjust it to your business model. There are many techniques to present fashion photography in ecommerce. The ideal is that the products look trendy and of quality. So the product photograph should be taken from the best angle to enhance the benefits. You can also photograph the products with their packaging. You can use 360 photography to show all possible angles.

Four basics in e-commerce photography

Many variables affect the sales of a product on the Internet. And they are not always as clear as we would like. In the case of photography, the same does not happen, since its absence leads directly to disaster. Stay calm, because for a reasonable amount of money you can hire a professional Industrial Photography online.

Photography on a white background – Classic, essential, effective and attractive. Show your fashion products “bareback” on a white and well-lit surface without distorting their essence. Remember to place them in the same position if it is a series.

Models – Another classic full of possibilities to unleash creativity. Give a feeling of realism and show how the product can be used. Ideal for social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Product videos and 360 photos – They are trendy and you have to know how to exploit their possibilities. You can use them on product sheets, social networks or even as a Facebook cover. It is not the same to show a chiffon skirt on a hanger than to show its fall and flight while a model dances, don’t you think?

Conclusion Knowing how to adapt the techniques and styles to your products determines whether or not they are correctly presented. Hire the professional fashion product photographer from LOHAR STUDIO and be amazed with the creativity. From model photography to fashion product 260 photography, your one stop solution under one roof.

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