Ghost Mannequin Photography in Delhi NCR 5/5 (1)

Are you looking to boost your clothes and garment sales online and looking for the best photoshoot agency?

If yes, then Lohar Studios is one of the names you must have heard of. We are one of the best clothes and garments photoshoot agencies in entire India. We excel in ghost mannequin photography in Delhi NCR.

No doubt, we make use of ghost mannequins garment photography to promote your products online through our photoshoot sessions.

Use it as it is one of the cost-effective ways of advertisement and taking photos.

Our mannequins fit in perfectly with your clothes and garments to give them the right shape and posture. This will immensely help the customer to see the outlook of the clothes in general and how they fit in.

If you are searching for ghost mannequin services near me then based in Delhi then you can ask us to get favorable quotes for your photo sessions.

Get all types of ghost mannequins to cover your entire inventory of cloths

We have all types and shapes of ghost mannequins in our stock to photoshoot all your clothes.

From lady’s clothes such as saris, salwar suits, woolen stalls, frocks, one-piece, lingerie, mufflers, belts, jeans to men’s wear that covers t-shirts, formal shirts, jeans you can get a photoshoot done at one shot for all your clothes.

We also have ghost mannequins for all sizes of clothes such from standard sizes too large ones to fit in each cloth in the perfect manner that gives the customers a quick view of the clothes.

Use of high-quality cameras and photo editing software

We use high-precision cameras with excellent pixel ratios to give your clothes the perfect detailed view of the photos.

From combined shots to individual cloth-wise shots we will produce high-quality images so that when viewed online on websites they exact the color, design, and texture of the cloth.

Best lighting and background that focuses solely on the clothes

We make use of the best lighting and background to ensure that your customers will get a high-definition view of the digital photos of the clothes.

This will frame an idea in the minds of the customers on which design, color, texture, or size of the clothes are perfect for them while buying online.

Shots taken from all angles

We take shots from different angles depending on the cloth type and the size of the cloth to give the customers a nice idea of how the cloth will look when worn in the original.

We provides our photography services in Delhi, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon and Noida at very reasonable price.

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