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In LOHAR STUDIO, we make product images for any sector. Be it as photos of products of all kinds as images of clothing and footwear. Essentially, the goal of Garment Product Photography in Delhi is to portray the isolated product, typically with a neutral background (white, black, or gray). Their destination is usually a printed catalog or a website.

Qualities of LOHAR STUDIO : Clothing Photography

garment product photography in Delhi

We have professionalism equipped with the necessary components for its preparation and subsequent editing quickly and efficiently. We know the importance that exists in creating a good quality Clothes Photography in Noida to show the qualities and differences of a product.

Post-production consists of correcting small defects in the product, stains, dust spots and balancing the lights, contrast, shadows, color temperature and the background is usually cut to mount the object with another background, with its corresponding artificial shadow.

Various factors contribute to obtaining a Garment Product Photography in Delhi, Jaipur. such as having a specialized space that facilitates and speeds up the preparation of this type of photographic session. We provide Clothing Photography in Jaipur also.

Professional advertising photography

Tell us your project and your idea so, we offer you tailored solutions, either in our studio to make still photography or outdoors for Advertising photography if necessary.

The creativity involved in the production of an Advertising Image is one of the most important factors in obtaining an influential visual impact on the user. Causing the user to make a positive decision when purchasing a product.

Undergarment Photoshoot

Unlike the Interior Photography or Industrial Photography, the professional Women Undergarment photography has total control over the light since it is usually done within a photographic studio.

And it is precisely this is the element that unlike other specialties and in turn the key to getting great pictures.
However, the important thing is to be clear that it is not about using complex lighting configurations, but the adequate ones to achieve the fundamental objective.

Corporate Photography: yes we are!

Regardless of the medium in which you want to display these photographs for companies. We adapt images of industry, architecture, interior design, management and executive teams, to the needs of the support. We can take Corporate Photography in Gurgaon both within the company and in our studio. The image of a company is one of the fundamental elements of its communication.

In LOHAR STUDIO we have a group of Professional Photographers and a team with extensive experience. Professionalism are always at your disposal. You get Quality, Speed and Affordable services. We provide our garment photoshoot service in various locations in India. Such as Garment Photography in Jaipur, Gandhi Nagar at lowest rate.

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