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No matter how wonderful the products (shoes) are, if the pictures are bad, you will lose potential customers online. In an online store, potential customers cannot touch what you sell. So their purchase decision is based almost exclusively on product photographs. When it comes to Footwear Photography prospects are often even more demanding. That is why it is important to invest in photographs that show the product with its best attributes.

Here are three factors that can improve your shoe photography.

The more views the better

Would you buy shoes that you cannot examine from all angles? Probably not. The product must have at least three different photographs: side, front and detail. Many sneakers are the same, with the same price and the same characteristics. What differentiates them are the number and quality of the photos. When buying shoes online, the description found in the store is not enough. User needs close-up views. The quality of your shoe must be able to be transmitted in images.

Use a white background

When it comes to selling shoes online, eCommerce photography is the most important thing. Photography made on a white background generates the most interest. White is perfect for shoe photography. There are no distractions and it works wonderfully. White backgrounds allow the user’s attention to go only to the eCommerce product, which transmits cleanliness. Both in the offline and online world, to be able to promote a product you must know it. Knowing the qualities and defects of your footwear will let you know what type of Corporate Photographer you need. When we talk about views we must take into account 360 or 3D shoe photography.

Divide and conquer

The more photographs the better. But not just any photo, you must take into account what each one of them will be used for. If the shoe is for formal use then the photographs could be different from the rest of the informal shoes in the store. This difference can be made with a touch of color, with models who wear the shoes on the street or in a studio. You can also bet on taking photographs of specific shoes for the category area, either by colors, seasons, brands or ages.


It is true that there are many proven techniques that generate conversions. But, nothing is as effective as an HD image taken by a professional photographer. Looking to hire one? Visit LOHAR STUDIO online and hire the perfect eCommerce product photographer professional according to your need.

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