When it comes to buy fashion wears, bikini and boudoir photography is must! No ratings yet.

One of the weak points of Electronic Commerce compared to Offline Commerce is the impossibility of having the product in your hands and being able to appreciate it in every detail from all possible angles. It is eminent especially when we taking about the fashion wears, such as bikini, inner wears, lingerie, trendy fashion wears, formal and informal dresses, etc. Thus, Bikini, Boudoir Photography becomes a very important resource to help clients in making decisions about what products to buy.

How to take good images?

When it comes to internet sales, the photo of the product is a determining factor for the customer to decide to purchase. Ensuring good images that show all details is a success point for online stores. Make sure the Bikini, Product Photography is done under these certain parameters. Products shown in their smallest details are more likely to be sold in an online store. But remember to hire a professional photographer only.

Use natural light –

Use whenever possible, as it looks good in any type of photo. Taking pictures during the day is always better and brings the best results. Having quality photos in online stores is essential for sales.

Use a white background –

You may notice that most e-commerce sites use images with a white background, highlighting only the product. The technique used in this effect is called “infinite curve”. To make this background, put a piece of paper or white fabric behind the bikini model photographer in Delhi Noida. And secure it at the top with hooks, creating a slight curve.

Show your product details –

Since people won’t be seeing your product live or touching them, you need to keep in mind that you need to show as much detail as possible. Choose the bikini model who has enough facial and physical emotion and reaction. Take photos from all angles and highlight the details.

Use two light sources –

You must have at least two sources of white light to be able to illuminate it. Before taking the boudoir photo, prepare the environment where the work will be done.


Looking to hire Bikini, Boudoir eCommerce Product Photographer services in affordable prices? At LOHAR STUDIO we know the role that photography plays in an online store, as well as the characteristics that these photographs must have. The studio specializes in “bikini and boudoir” clothing photography, which is described as sensual but at the same time artistic. Without falling into the vulgar, and for highlighting beauty.

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