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Being present in the digital world is no longer a luxury for companies. Especially for the e-commerce. For e-commerce, having master SEO technique, Google ad words, premium website design, etc. are all important. But, the primary aspect for an e-commerce to stand out in the market is the 360 Product Photography. This is an essential requirement to stand out in the 21st-century market. And for that you need to hire a true professional specialized in product photography.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It was not just the market that changed. People’s lives today also go at a different pace. Nowadays, it is increasingly rare to find people who have the time to go to a commercial sector and look for companies that offer what they need. A simple and practical search on the internet this habit was replaced.

We live in a world in which visual culture predominates, and our own brain is already programmed to capture and store in memory the information transmitted through images much more quickly and efficiently.

  • E-commerce that has 360 Product Photographygets 95% more visits. And the chances of conversion gets higher.
  • You can increase views by more than 45% by including 360 Virtual Tour Photography in a publication.
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a company when an image is shown in search results.

The question of perception

Through the 360 Degree Product Photography, the customer does a whole reading of your product. Your website is your company’s showcase in the online universe. Regardless of the product or service you sell, the quality of the images used in any marketing action is associated with your brand.

Thus, low quality photos convey the idea that the product was also made with materials or ingredients of dubious origin.

Will you let this happen to your product? If not, then hire the professional 360 Product Photographer service now to enhance the growth of the company and website.

Increasing sales requires more than a web address

You need to attract your target audience!

But how to do this using an amateur site, without having professional photos and without the knowledge to use it strategically? Have you seen the leading e-commerce site? It seems a detailed Product Photography says the entire story, be it size, looks, materials, etc. Visitors don’t have much time to spend on a single product while reading the 1500 words product description.

Solution? LOHAR STUDIO, the pioneer in premium quality and detailed 360 Product Photography Service India. We provide 360 Degree product photography, 360 virtual tour photography in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon at cost effective prices.

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